About Author


My name is Olivia Laney, and I struggle with same-sex attraction as well as Gender Dysphoria. Because of this, God has placed in my being a passion for ministering to those who are struggling as I have. My Moses mouth has resulted in a passion for writing about my reality for the benefit of myself and others (though I doubt my works will become quite as famous as Moses’, but I digress.) I have a unquenchable passion for theology and apologetics, as well as a love of aiding others in musical worship to God. Three dogs and two fish make up my pet repertoire, and my husband and I (who also happens to share in some of my struggles) have been married since December 21, 2019. Though from the lowest dregs of South Alabama, we now live in Nashville, TN learning ways to better minister to the LGBTQ+ Community that we know God has called us to serve.