A Street Called Straight holds a twofold purpose. First, it is designed to minister to individuals within the LGBTQ+. Second, it serves as an information center for those who desire to gain a greater understanding of LGBTQ+ topics within the church as well as minister to/ally with those who may be in the LGBTQ+ Community.

Further, A Street Called Straight is dedicated to adhering to biblical tenants when it comes to sexuality and Gender. God designed individuals for either a lifetime of celibacy or covenantal marriage to another individual of the opposite sex. In fact, sexual union of any kind with anyone other than a spouse is prohibited. Further, God created men and women in His image. He designed males and females distinctly to display differing aspects of His nature to the world. Therefore, altering the specific characteristics of male and female would be to change the way an individual was designed to express His image to the world around them.

In spite of God’s created design, we know that the fall of man in Genesis 3 has caused all things to act in opposition to some extent with created order. Therefore, we are ALL tempted to pursue that which God has deemed unacceptable. Therefore, we must fight against these temptations and strive for holiness.